April 14, 2011

Solutions2Projects, LLC

Posted in General at 8:56 PM by Solutions2Projects, LLC

Solutions2Projects, LLC is approaching its six year anniversary since inception.  It’s been amazing working with so many Bay Area biotech, medical device, and diagnostic companies and helping them achieve their corporate objectives. 

Recently one of our clients received approval from the FDA on one of their products.  It’s so gratifying to witness this kind of success.  We wish XenoPort and GlaxoSmithKline all the best with the commercialization of Horizant. 

This week, Terri Mead presented an audio conference on Software Selection for Critical, High-Risk, and Regulated Systems for FXTrans (http://bit.ly/f9g8mP).  Terri walked through a defined selection process and shared some lessons learned over the last 10 years.  The bottom line is that it is critical to define what your company needs, find a solution that can satisfy those needs, confirm the vendor can fulfill the needs, and nail down details prior to signing any agreements.  Look for more details in an upcoming blog.

This spring, Terri will participate in the Healthcare Businesswomen of America (HBA) mentoring program in order to provide newcomers to the industry with mentoring support and guidance.  She is looking forward to the opportunity to share her experience in the industry with other women and help promote their careers. 

Terri continues to look for ways to keep abreast of the latest in industry trends with regards to IT system selection, implementation, and computer validation.   She is working with Heidi Schaffer and Linda Ralleca in restarting the Bay Area Bio-IT group initially started about 10 years ago.  IT in the life sciences industry has unique needs and requirements and being able to learn from our peers makes it easier to stay current and avoid pitfalls.  The first meeting of the decade is scheduled for May 19th at Gilead. All LinkedIn group members will be invited to participate in the discussion on Cloud Computing in Life Sciences. 

In this blog will continue to share what is happening in the industry and provide information on IT system selection, implementation and computer validation in life sciences based on our many years of experience.

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  1. Linda Ralleca said,

    There’s a shortage of content on IT in Biotech and Life Sciences – most of which is generated by the large hardware and software vendors to sell their products. I’m looking forward to reading more about the practical experiences from real-life projects. Congratulations on starting up the blog!

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