January 20, 2012

In Between Days

Posted in Project Management at 7:10 AM by Solutions2Projects, LLC

Over the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting motivated to do anything that requires more than two hours of my attention (maybe even an hour).  I thought it might be the weather or being out of a regular routine or post holiday blues.  And then it hit me…this happens after every project I finish (I just wrapped up at Alexza) or after a major goal is accomplished (like the half marathon).  It’s what I’ve dubbed the ‘post project letdown’.

 It’s a very frustrating period for me as I pride myself on accomplishing a lot in a very short period of time.  As a goal oriented person, the more I can check off a list the better I feel.  But it’s during this time that what motivates me normally is what I most abhor.  I can’t even schedule coffee or lunch with a friend while I am in this phase.  And of course it causes my world to be completely off kilter. 

 I used to fight and resist this as there was always another project demanding my attention and there was no time to rest.  Every task took a lot of effort and in the end, resulted in some level of burnout. 

 Now, once I realize what is going on (yes, it can take over a week), I allow myself the time to decompress and replenish my energy stores.  This time, I am blogging, cooking, running, networking, playing poker with the kids, spontaneously spending time with friends, and resisting the urge to feel overwhelmed by the personal project list that grew while I was focused on a client project.  This is no mean feat and a gift that I try to grant myself until I am out of the dip. 

 In a few days, my energy stores will be replenished and I can go back to conquering the world.  Until then, each morning you can find me on my couch, in my pajamas, drinking cappuccinos, listening to French Café Radio on Pandora and focusing my short attention on sharing my wisdom and realizations on Solutions2Projects blog entries.  It’s not a bad way to get back to my ‘normal’ when I am feeling a bit ‘in between’.

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  1. PM Hut said,

    This happens to me as well, especially after a large project. The feeling is magnified when you run your own company.

    We all feel demotivated from time to time, it’s just a period that we all have to go through.

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