January 23, 2012

Lightening the Load

Posted in General tagged , at 7:26 AM by Solutions2Projects, LLC

I love beginnings.  It can be the beginning of the year, project, friendship, journal or blank page.  Every beginning allows me to start over and do something better than the last time.  At the beginning, life is uncluttered. At the beginning, I am filled with hope and optimism and I love that feeling. 

 Since it is the beginning of a new year I felt compelled to start afresh with a modified attitude toward things, people and habits that don’t add value in my life.  This year it is all about lightening the load. 

 This year will be the year I

  • learn how to say ‘no’ to things that do not contribute to my overall goals and objectives
  • stop wishing for things that will never be,  accept them for situations as they are, or take action to turn them into what I want them to be
  • streamline processes
  • eliminate material objects that are taking up space and weighing me down
  • focus on the little things that add pleasure to my life

 These apply both personally and professionally and will be the focus of the year.  It will be hard as the newness of the beginning transitions into the day to day reality of applying my new mantra.  It is time to eliminate the toxic thoughts, people, and things in my life. Change is hard.  Acceptance is hard.  But it will be worth it. 

 With each new beginning there will be an end.  And with each end there will be a loss which must be acknowledged to be able to move forward effectively.  For the most part I look forward to saying ‘good riddance’ to the outdated, unused, unnecessary, and unhealthy and ‘welcome’ to the light, positive, fruitful, and beneficial.  We can all benefit from throwing off the extra baggage and lightening the load.

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