September 20, 2012

Chickens and Change

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When you wake up at 5:45 AM to the sound of screeching chickens and realize that you forgot to put the chickens into the coop the night before and raccoons have discovered this oversight, perhaps it is an omen for what the day will become. 

I should have counted my blessings (after counting the chickens) and called it a day. 

But, no, I opted to feed the four girls some special treats, apologize profusely to them, rake up the feathers from the lawn to minimize the evidence (thank goodness they have multiple layers), and spend an hour catching up on the blogs and news sites I subscribe to on Pulse.  Not necessarily an uplifting experience with all of the sour financial news and political acrimony but educational nonetheless. 

By the time my daughter climbed into bed to cuddle with me at close to 7 and my husband delivered my daily cappuccino, I felt ready to face the day and whatever challenges and opportunities were going to present themselves.

Today has been a day filled with challenges (which of course always offer up opportunities for growth and learning).  I’ve decided that any instrument that is connected to a PC with a USB to RS-232 serial cable needs to be scrapped!

When a series of things do not go right in a period of time, and after I’ve attempted to force my way through said issues, at some point I come to the conclusion that perhaps perseverance is not what is required.  Perhaps it is time to step back and look at the situation from a different perspective to get a better sense of what is really going on.

That’s usually when I go flying or out for a run or hit a tennis ball really hard.  When that doesn’t work, I call my executive coach.  Sometimes I get too caught in the trees and need someone else to look at the situation from their vantage point in order to adjust my own frame.  Sometimes it’s just a tweak and other times, what’s required is a paradigm shift. 

The universe provides me with nudges or gentle reminders that may or may not go unnoticed.  After a while, the universe gets a bit impatient and provides some less subtle reminders.  While the chickens were a gentle nudge, a number of other not so subtle hints have been coming my direction and I’ve been noodling over them. 

It seems somewhat appropriate that now that I’ve been consulting for seven years (applies to marriages and other aspects of life it seems) it may be time to look in a new direction professionally…nothing so drastic as quitting my job to stay home with kids and be PTA president (we’ll leave that to my husband) but perhaps a different industry or a different type of consulting, leveraging my 20+ years of professional experience. 

So what started as a day filled with screeches and feathers has turned into a time for reflection (in between failed protocol tests).  Well, universe, I am just about ready…just let me get the feathers out of my hair.

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